Pinocchio all'Opera Firenze • Florence Art Lab
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A unique exhibition, designed to value two Made in Italy icons – Pinocchio and the Opera – and bring visitors closer to the musical theater through the sculptures of the most famous puppet in the world.

The project aims to inspire the “wonder” in the little ones, by the sculptures of Mauro Lampo and a range of specific sets. A feeling that, for generations, has motivated people to go to the theatre and participate in the magic that is created on stage at each show.

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Since 1962 the Carlo Collodi National Foundation has promoted the culture of children and for children starting from the world literary masterpiece The Adventures of Pinocchio. In Collodi the Foundation has created the Pinocchio Park, the Collodian Library, the Study Center for Youth Literature, the Collodi International Academy and manages the Historic Garzoni Garden and the Butterfly House; the new Land of Toys, the first piece of the Collodi Pinocchio Polycentric Park, is under construction.

The Foundation organizes exhibitions, conferences, publications, research and translations, competitions and awards in Italy and around the world, publishes essays and art books, participates in national and European projects, collaborating with cultural institutions and operators in Italy and around the world. Learn more


Sinapsi Group is a company founded in Parma in 2001. The company’s core business is commercial consultancy but the heart of Sinapsi beats for music. In harmony with its values, Sinapsi supports and promotes cultural actions in synergy with companies, organizations and national and international institutions, placing itself as a player in projects that focus on the territory and, above all, children. it limits to passively supporting initiatives promoted by others, but actively plans actions that favor innovation and broaden the range of offers proposed by the public and private sectors.


Mauro Olivotto, aka “Lampo” was born in the heart of the Dolomites. The famous artist, also known as the father of the “Giauli”, loves to carve the wood of Swiss pine. The long-lived tree that populates the Dolomites of Belluno is the main material of his production. The passion for Pinocchio came in 1990, so that to not throw away a piece of wood, Lampo started the production of three pinocchios, being strongly impressed by the vitality of the repeated module. He has produced thousands of examples depicting the famous puppet and installations of great visual impact since then. For Sinapsi Group he created the entire collection of “Pinocchio at Opera”. Find out more


Amedeo Piscino, artist, sculptor and miniaturist, has been working in the production of artistic objects for over ten years. His works range from the creation of small objects for interior design made with personalized gadget material, to recycling. Among his specialties there are crib art and the creation of miniatures representing palaces and monuments. Having settled in Parma for a few years, he was inspired by the Teatro Regio to start the series of great miniature opera houses. Find out more