Exhibitions • Florence Art Lab
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Over 1000 square meters dedicated to the creative reinterpretation of art and culture of all time and styles, with immersive installations and scenarios created by over 400 artists from all over the world. Learn more

A unique exhibition, designed to bring visitors closer to the musical theater through the sculptures of the most famous puppet in the world. Learn more

An immersive cinematic experience for adults and children, to relive the story of Pinocchio in a surprisingly evocative context. Learn more



Nobel laureate writer Alice Munro argues that “a story is not a way to go … it’s more like a house”: “you can go back over and over, and the house, the story, always contains more of what you’ve seen the last time”. Learn more

Leonardo Interactive Museum®

Interactive museum

Do you want to visit another fantastic museum within walking distance of us? Click here to discover Leonardo Interactive Museum®, a 100% interactive museum where you can experience the most important discoveries of Leonardo da Vinci. We are waiting for you!